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A quality Catholic preparatory school for grades 9-12
  Name Title Group Contact
Mari Adams Adams, Mari Teacher, Drama 256-430-1760 ext. 120
Holly Allen Allen, Holly Front Office Administrator 256-430-1760 ext. 100
Stuart Allen Allen, Stuart Teacher, Physical Education 256-430-1760
Lorraine Anderson Anderson, Lorraine Teacher, Social Studies 256-430-1760
Eileen Andrzejewski Andrzejewski, Eileen Nurse 256-430-1760 ext. 162
Diane Benzek Benzek, Diane Teacher
John Burks Burks, John Teacher, Business - Forensic Science 256-430-1760
John Calvarese Calvarese, John Administrator/RenWeb 256-430-1760 ext. 107
Ligia Christl Christl, Ligia Teacher, Foreign Language 256-430-1760 ext. 125
Paul Ciciarelli Ciciarelli, Paul Teacher 256-430-1760
Lori Cobb Cobb, Lori Director of School Counseling 256-430-1760 ext. 154
Samantha Cowing Cowing, Samantha Teacher, Social Studies 256-430-1760 ext. 115
Rick Daniel Daniel, Rick Administrator 256-430-1760 ext. 114
Harry Day Day, Harry Campus Operations Manager 256-430-1760 ext. 179
Jane Dodds Dodds, Jane Admin Assistant-Athletics 256-430-1760 ext. 110
Julie Dombrowski Dombrowski, Julie Teacher, Mathematics 256-430-1760 ext. 149
Colleen Earley Earley, Colleen Trainer 256-430-1760 ext. 174
Jonathan Eubanks Eubanks, Jonathan Teacher, Theology
Brian Finzel Finzel, Brian Teacher, Science 256-430-1760 ext. 119
Bonnie Flowers Flowers, Bonnie Teacher, Mathematics 256-430-1760 ext. 129
Jane Folk Folk, Jane Admin Assistant-Guidance 256-430-1760 ext. 155
Suzanne Forrest Forrest, Suzanne Teacher, Mathematics 256-430-1760 ext. 129
Dorene Gullatt Gullatt, Dorene Teacher, Choral 256-430-1760 ext. 174
Ludwig Gustafson Gustafson, Ludwig Teacher, Foreign Language 256-430-1760 ext. 122
Glenn Hagood Hagood, Glenn Teacher, Physical Education - Health 256-430-1760 ext. 123
Leta Hix Hix, Leta Teacher, Social Studies 256-430-1760 ext. 141
Lanny Hollis, PhD Hollis, PhD, Lanny Headmaster
Cindy Howard Howard, Cindy Teacher, Mathematics 256-430-1760 ext. 140
Jonathan Howell Howell, Jonathan
Alanna Hubert Hubert, Alanna Counselor 256-430-1760 ext. 151
Joseph Johnson Johnson, Joseph Teacher, English 256-430-1760 ext. 138
Kerri Kay Kay, Kerri Teacher, English 256-430-1760 ext. 116
William Kinslow Kinslow, William Teacher, Foreign Language 256-430-1760
David Lloyd Lloyd, David Teacher, Social Studies 256-430-1760 ext. 112
James Maguire Maguire, James Teacher, English 256-430-1760 ext. 143
Ken Muenstermann Muenstermann, Ken Teacher, Theology 256-430-1760 ext. 136
Jeff Murphy Murphy, Jeff
Diane Olszewski Olszewski, Diane Executive Administrative Assistant 256-430-1760 ext. 159
Kyle Overstreet Overstreet, Kyle Athletic Director 256-430-1760 ext. 110
Susan Page Page, Susan Director of Enrollment Management 256-430-1760 ext. 117
Gay Pittman Pittman, Gay Bookkeeper 256-430-1760 ext. 113
Laurie Porter Porter, Laurie Teacher, Science 256-430-1760
Mary Powers Powers, Mary Librarian 256-430-1760 ext. 111
Wes Robertson Robertson, Wes Teacher, Social Studies 256-430-1760 ext. 167
Barbara Romei Romei, Barbara Teacher, Theology 256-430-1760 ext. 131
Susanne Schaefer Schaefer, Susanne Teacher, Foreign Language 256-430-1760 ext. 122
Catharine Scull Scull, Catharine Teacher, Science 256-430-1760
Payge Semmes Semmes, Payge Teacher, Art 256-430-1760 ext. 134
John Skipworth Skipworth, John Teacher, Science 256-430-1760 ext. 126
Margarete Smith Smith, Margarete Teacher, Theology 256-430-1760 ext. 137
Samantha Smith Smith, Samantha Teacher, Tech Theater 256-430-1760
Patty Thomas Thomas, Patty Teacher, Business 256-430-1760 ext. 178
Kathy Tygielski Tygielski, Kathy Teacher, Science 256-430-1760 ext. 144
Karen Weaver Weaver, Karen Resource Teacher 256-430-1760 xt. 135
Michelle Whetstone Whetstone, Michelle Teacher, Social Studies 256-430-1760 ext. 147
Sharon Wieter Wieter, Sharon Director of Strategic Communications 256-430-1760 ext. 150
Bruce Zeiger Zeiger, Bruce Teacher, Band 256-430-1760 ext. 174