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A quality Catholic preparatory school for grades 9-12

Graduation Requirements

Theology                                                                                                4 credits

English                                                                                                   4 credits

Mathematics                                                                                       4 credits
(Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II with Trigonometry required)


Science                                                                                                 4 credits
(Biology, Chemistry, Physics required)


Social Studies                                                                                      4 credits


World  Language                                                                                2 credits
(2 consecutive years of the same language)


Fine Arts                                                                                              1 credit


Physical Education                                                                             1 credit


Electives                                                                                              3 credits


Health                                                                                                 .5 credit


Career Preparedness   A                                                                   .5 credit


Career Preparedness B                                                                     .5 Credit 


100 Hours of Community Service                                                  no credit 

Research Paper in the Senior Year                                                no credit


                                                                                                      Total:  28.5 credits