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Homecoming 2015

JPII Homecoming 2015


Dear JPII Parents, Students, Faculty, and Staff,


            We are gearing up for the revolution of the year! This year’s JPII Homecoming Theme is “The Falcon Revolution” and as we prepare for battle, we want to include you all in our battle plan strategy. Included in this letter is everything you need to know to make JPII Homecoming 2015 all that it can be!



During the week our students will dress up according to each theme:


Monday – Media Monday

(TV, movies, sports, radio, etc. dress as your favorite person in media)


Tuesday – Tourist Tuesday

Fanny packs, visors, maps, etc… Where are you a tourist?


Wednesday – Way-back Wednesday

Seniors – ‘60s
Juniors – ‘70s
Sophomores – ‘80s
Freshmen – ‘90s


Thursday – Throwback Thursday

Hey! Remember Catholic High? We do too and want to see it come back! Wear any old uniforms or sweatshirts from the old school and let’s remember where we started from as we come together to celebrate the Eucharist at mass.


Friday – FALCON Friday

Students and Faculty are free to wear their homecoming 2015 t-shirt with jeans. The 2015 homecoming shirt will be the only spirit wear t-shirt permitted, otherwise wear your normal school uniform.



T-Shirt: The Homecoming t-shirt will be black (short or long sleeve) with an image designed by our very own Julianna Schrontz. They can be purchased on-line through the JPII website. http://www.jp2falcons.org/alumni/homecoming2015tshirts.cfm Cut-Off date: Septmeber, 09. 



Game: The Homecoming Game is going to be a “black out” as we encourage all in attendance to wear our homecoming t – shirt. Our football team will be proudly wearing our FALCON green.




Homecoming Court: We are asking that all those on court dress appropriately; girls in a black dress and boys in black pants and jacket. If the boys are on the football team, they will be wearing their uniform. Girls will be walking with their fathers and boys with their mothers. We also ask that parents be dressed appropriately along with their student.  


Dance: The dance will take place on Saturday, September 26th. We are continuing our revolutionary blackout theme with “Dark Night Glow Bright”.


Dance Tickets: Homecoming tickets are being sold a little differently this year. The students will sign up at both lunches and they will indicate who is paying. At the end of each day the list will be given to Ms. Vicki Barkley and the parent of the student paying will be billed through FACTS. Tickets are: $20 for a single & $35 for a couple. Prices will go up by $5 on Monday, September 14th.


Homecoming Week:

This year homecoming will be a competition between the classes ALL WEEK and there will be an overall homecoming week winner. We have created a point system to keep track of each class’s points throughout the week and the winner will be announced at the homecoming pep rally on Friday, September 25th.


The top 4 categories are:

Hall Decorating – max 100 pts. possible
Dress-up Days – Winner by percentage each day. 1st – 50pts, 2nd – 40pts. 3rd – 30pts, 4th– 20 pts.

Total: 250pts.

Tug of War (Wednesday) - 1st – 50pts, 2nd – 40pts. 3rd – 30pts, 4th– 20 pts.
Spirit at the Pep Rally - 1st – 100pts, 2nd – 80pts. 3rd – 60pts, 4th– 40 pts.


Total: 500 points


Hall Decorating: Students are in charge and financially responsible for decorating their designated hallway. See Mrs. Dombrowski or Mrs. McKnelly if you would like a copy of the rules and regulations. The school will be open for supervised decorating on:

Saturday, Sept. 19th from 10am – 2pm
Sunday, Sept. 20th from 2pm – 5pm


Tug of War Wednesday: (September 23rd) Students will sign up and be required to have their parent sign a waiver to be able to participate. 10 students per class (5 boys & 5 girls) with 2 alternates.



Thank you for your support & GO FALCONS!

Mrs. Julie Dombrowski & Mrs. Nicole McKnelly