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Cross Country Team Starts Strong

by Azaria Malone '20

This year’s 2018 Cross Country season is off to a great start! This week, the Falcons team’s two seniors say that they are excited for this week’s competition and that the state meet is looking good. Meg Goebel says that although “practices are a lot more intense, they are helping a lot and you can see the results in [our] performances.”

Diana Boyer also tells about the season from her point of view:

“I have a terrific feeling for the rest of the season. We are running in the Scottsboro Invitational meet tomorrow, and that is supposed to go really well.” She also goes on to say that their main goal is to beat Scottsboro, a tough competitor.

The two seniors both agree that the new area change to 4A will greatly benefit them in the long run. And right now, with the girls ranked number two in the state and boys ranked number first, it’s easy to see why.


Practice Field Completed

The practice field is now complete and in use by the  JPII and FCMS teams. This project was completed with the help of our amazing booster club members! Thank you for taking this dream and making it a reality! 

Pictured (left to right): Joe & Sherri Ross, Paul Andrzejewski, John Zierdt, Kyle Overstreet, Scott Stokes, Lanny Hollis, Barbara Stokes, Colleen & Grant Davis

Our generous donors with some tired football players
Our generous donors with some hardworking football players


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