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A quality Catholic preparatory school for grades 9-12

JPII Wrestler Jay Spencer to receive John Stallworth Award

Jayson Spencer is adding to his accomplishments! He is one of the 2019 recipients of the John Stallworth Foundation Award. Madison County athletes and coaches are eligible for the award, with the students receiving scholarship assistance and the coach receiving a donation to his/her school's program. Jay will be presented with his award on Thursday, June 13 at Huntsville Botanical Garden. John Stallworth is a former Alabama A&M standout and NFL Hall of Fame football player. He and his wife are both Alabama A&M graduates who are proud to support the Huntsville community.

Cafeteria Progress!

The Corner Stone of JPII’s New Cafeteria Lunch Program Is in Place!

We are very pleased to announce that Mrs. Sheila Fierro has accepted the position of Manager for our new JPII School Cafeteria!  Mrs. Fierro is a veteran in dietary sciences, having taught Home Economics in Ohio and managed cafeterias in the Huntsville area (e.g., St. John the Baptist Elementary School and NASA). 

Mrs. Fierro and her husband, Mario, have three children.  All are JPII graduates.  They are:

  • Emma, Class of 2008.  She taught previously at JPII and is now working as a teacher in Kansas.  She is also married to Andy Lockard, who is also a member of the JPII Class of 2008.
  • Ryan, Class of 2012.  He is an architect living in Birmingham. 
  • Evan, Class of 2016.  He is currently attending Mississippi State University. 

Mrs. Fierro is excited to lead this new venture of establishing an in-house food service program at JPII.  Moreover, she is thrilled to continue her relationships at JPII.  She considers JPII to be another home and family.

Last November at the JPII Parent Association’s Gala, many donors gave generously to kick-start the dream of having a cafeteria lunch program.  We will be fleshing out that dream this summer with plans of having an operational lunch program up and running in the fall, with a fully loaded salad bar as its premier piece. 

Please stay tuned for developments and/or possible requests for volunteers.