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A quality Catholic preparatory school for grades 9-12

Academic Support

Students are offered a variety of academic support (Test Prep Courses, Academic Planning, Academic Skills Support) to meet their college and career readiness goals.  Advisement regarding progress and course selection towards their goals is done on an individual basis.



School Counseling Support Team

Provides academic support and problem solving when a significant academic, medical, emotional, and social challenge disrupts a student’s overall academic or developmental progress while in high school.  Students entering as freshman/transfers presenting with significant academic, medical, emotional or social challenges are automatically referred to the SCST.  Students may be referred for academic support by a concerned teacher, parent, or staff member.  However, parents who have concerns about their child’s academic progress, behavior, health, or social competence should discuss their concerns with the classroom teachers first.  Teachers and parents working together often establish informal strategies that address concerns.

SCST process helps teachers develop interventions to assist the student.  Specific areas of concern are identified; information is gathered through observation, interview, review of school records and informal assessment.

This team is comprised of the school counselors, the Principal, the Dean of Academics, and can include the referring staff or faculty member.





Ask Your Counselor About Academic Support

Peer Tutoring at JPII

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