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Eighth grade students, as well as potential grades 9-12 transfer students, are given the opportunity to spend a day attending classes with a current student and experience first-hand what it is like to be a JPII Falcon!

  • Best day to be Falcon for a Day is  Any day! We celebrate Mass on Wednesday and you are always welcome to attend Mass with us!
  • When should I be dropped off? Please arrive in the front office by 7:45; school begins at 7:50am.
  • What to wear  Young men are asked to wear clean khakis or dress pants and a collared shirt.  Young ladies are asked to wear a modest length skirt, dress or dress slacks. Jeans are fine as long as there are no holes or rips. Please no shirts with suggestive language or graphics.

  • What's for lunch?  We ask that you bring a packed lunch.

  • Do I have to spend the whole day at JPII?  No, if it is not possible for you to miss an entire day at your school, you are invited to spend a partial day with us.
  • When should I get picked up?  The day will end at 3:05 p.m. and you may be picked up in the front office.
Please schedule your shadow day at least one week in advance.
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