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A quality Catholic preparatory school for grades 9-12

Spring Sports


  • Boys Elite 8 Qualifiers--2005, 2006,2007,2008,2010,2011,2014,2015,2016,2017
  • Boys Section Champions--2007,2009
  • Boys 4A-5A Area 15 Champions--2014,2016, 2017
  • Girls--1A-4A Section Champions--2007,2013
  • Girls--4A-5A Area Champions--2014,2015,2016,2017
  • Girls Elite 8 Qualifiers--2007,2014,2016,2017
  • Girls State Final Four Qualifiers--2006,2016,2017
  • Girls State Runner-Up--2007,2017


  • 2011--Section Champion, State Runner-up Discus--Brenna Terry
  • 2012--Section Champion 4x800m relay--Lydia Sweeney, Katie Sisk,  Maria Longo, Betty Lopez
  • 2013--Section Champion 4x400m relay--Sarah Lopez, Katie Sisk, Olivia Simmons, Emily Woods
  • 2013--Section Champion, State Runner-up 4x800 Relay--Katie Sisk, Betty Lopez, Emily Woods, Kristen Cianfaglione
  • 2013--Section Champion, Pole Vault--Alana Janssen
  • 2014--Section Champion, 800m--Katie Sisk
  • 2014--State 3rd Place 4x800, relay--Katie Sisk, Emily Woods, Betty Lopez, Sarah Lopez
  • 2014--Section Champion Pole Vault, State 3rd Pole Vault, 3rd High Jump--Ailish Lynch
  • 2015--5A State Champion 4x800m relay--Betty Lopez, Sarah Lopez, Emily Woods, Kristen Cianfaglione
  • 2015--Section Champion Pole Vault, 3rd in State--Breanna Healy
  • 2015--5A State Runner-up 800m, 3rd place 1600m--Betty Lopez
  • 2015--5A State 3rd Place 4x800m relay--Ben Coakley, Brad Robison, Joey Antonio, Ryan Hodgson
  • 2015--Section Champion 800m--Ben Coakley
  • 2016--5A State 3rd Place, Pole Vault--Dianna Boyer
  • 2016--5A State 3rd Place, 4x800m relay--Kristen Cianfaglione, Morgan Sisk, Meg Goebel, Dianna Boyer
  • 2016--5A Section 4 Champion, 800m & 1600m , State 3rd Place 800m--Ben Coakley
  • 2016--5A  Section 4 Champion, State 3rd Place 3200m--Noah Flynn
  • 2016--5A  Section 4 Champion, 4x800m relay--Ben Coakley, Tyler Maze, Riggs Ferguson, Noah Flynn
  • 2017--5A State Pole Vault Champion--John Boyer


  • 2004 Class 1A-2A Section 4 Champion--Anderw Villarreal
  • 2009 Class 3A Section 3 Chamption, State Qualifier--Michael Zierdt
  • 2010 Class 3A Section 3 Champion, State Champion (tie)--Michael Zierdt
  • 2015 and 2016--Class 4A/5A Girls Team SubState Qualifier


  • 2009--1A-3A Girls Sectional Champion, #3 Doubles--Yen Vu and Courtney Perez
  • 2011--4A Girls Sectional Champion, #1 Doubles, State Semi-Finalist--Payton Winghart and Courtney Perez
  • 2012--4A Girls Sectional Champion, #1 Doubles, State Quarterfinalis--Payton Winghart and Anna DeSpain
  • 2012--4A Girls Sectional Champion, #1 Singles--Payton Winghart
  • 2017--5A Boys #1 Doubles State Semi-Finalist--Mitchell McFeely and John Boyer


  • 2014--Class 4A 1st Round Playoff Qualifier


  • 2013 and 2014 - Area Runners-Up