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Lorraine Anderson

Lorraine Anderson
Lorraine Anderson
Teacher, Social Studies
Phone: 256-430-1760
Employed Since: 8/1/2017
4 Years Experience At School
  • Bachelor of Arts University of Florida
  • Master of Arts University of Alabama at Huntsville
  • Master of Business Administration Regis University

Subjects: World History 9 and U.S. History 11

After 25 years as a business professional and raising two fine young men, Ms. Anderon wanted to pursue a career where she felt she could make a positive impact on her community. She has always loved learning about history and working with young people. She was able to combine these two interests by pursuing a Master in History with a teaching certificate. Ms. Anderson started her studies in 2014, she won a scholarship to Germany to study the Cold War and graduated with honors in 2016. Her first teaching assignment was in Guntersville and she joined the staff of JPII in the fall of 2017. She loves teaching students about the history of the United States and the world and helping them to become informed, involved citizens.

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