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A quality Catholic preparatory school for grades 9-12

Click on any logo below to go to the Parent/Family Portal:

Ordering Lunch

  1. Go to Parent/Family Portal in Renweb/Facts
  2. Click “Student”
  3. Click “Lunch”
  4. Click Week you are ordering for
  5. Click Create Web Order
  6. The menu pops up – (the entire semester lunch calendar will show)
  7. You may order by the week, the month, the semester – you will only be billed by the week
  8. Enter the quantity desired by the item desired
  9. BE careful about entering  “1” – make sure you don’t order 10 of one item
  10. Scroll to very bottom and click ORDER items
  11. The deadline to order each week is FRIDAY by noon for the next week.  If there are holidays in a week, whatever day is the last day of classes in a week – that’s the order date deadline
  12. If school is canceled for any reason, lunch bills will be credited
  13. Students absent for more than 2 days will be credited
  14. You can always view the days you have ordered for your student by logging in to the family portal and viewing the calendar – if you have successfully ordered, the items will show on the calendar in blue

What if my student forgets his/her lunch?

  • There will be an “I forgot my lunch” bag with non-perishable food items that a student may receive if they do not have a lunch
  • The items will help your student get through the day without being hungry
  • This service cannot be used on a regular basis
  • Your account will be billed $3.00 for the “I forgot my lunch” bag
  • Please do not bring forgotten lunches or restaurant items in to be delivered to a student

Due to COVID restrictions and limited personnel:

  • There will be no cash sales of leftover lunches or cookies
  • The vending machines will not be available
  • Microwaves will not be available
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