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The purpose of a school uniform is to support the values and beliefs of St. John Paul II Catholic High School and to reflect the mission of the school. Student dress is an important indication of how one respects oneself and others.  The school uniform must reflect a disciplined academic environment, create a sense of pride and self-discipline, and communicate respect for self and others. Cooperation with the spirit of the school uniform code, as well as the letter of the code, is expected.

Clothes should be neat and clean at all times. No item of clothing may be frayed, have holes, be overly baggy, or fit below the waist.  Since building temperature varies, all students should have a uniform sweater with logo or uniform fleece outerwear jacket with logo, to use at school.

Students are expected to enter the school building wearing proper attire - i.e., with shirts tucked in, shoes tied, etc. - and to remain in uniform until they are off campus at the end of the school day unless given  permission to change clothes for an after-school activity.

For complete details, click this link: Family Handbook 2020-2021

Uniforms can be purchased from:

Dennis School Uniforms
3058 Leeman Ferry Road, Suite F
Huntsville, AL


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