Student Conduct

At St. John Paul II Catholic High School our expectation of each student is to learn enthusiastically, to lead honorable, and to live responsibly.  Creating a positive and caring school climate is important; hence we take reports of harassment or bullying behavior seriously as these acts are impediments to learning, honor, and responsibility.

St. John Paul II’s policy is in accord with the Diocese of Birmingham Policy and adheres to the spirit of Alabama Student Harassment Prevention Act - HB 0216



Policy adopted: May, 2011

Diocesan Catholic School Board

Policy Reviewed with No Changes: March, 2012

"The Diocese of Birmingham is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment in its schools. Bullying, which involves an imbalance of power or strength, is repeated aggressive behavior that may include physical, verbal, racial, sexual, or emotional intimidation. This includes cyber-bullying which is defined as destroying or smearing a person's reputation through the use of Internet-connected devices. Any and all witnessed or reported incidents will be addressed. Students involved in bullying or harassment shall be subject to disciplinary action as outlined by the local school's handbook or policy statement."

Definition and JPII’s commitment to investigate:

Bullying, Harassment, and/or Cyber-Bullying may include but is not limited to:

Physical or emotional actions that may harm another individual Damage of an individual’s property Creation of an environment that is hostile and promotes fear for another individual Creation of any social media (including, but not limited to text messages, web pages, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, The Vine, Youtube, etc…) in which the creator assumes the identity of another person The use of any forms of media with the intent of intimidating or humiliating another individual Infringes on the rights of the individual at school Disrupts the education process or the orderly operation of the school
Any and all reports or witnessing of bullying will be investigated and addressed by the administration. Students involved in any form of bullying, harassment, and/or cyberbullying shall be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the parent/student handbook pages 28-32.

Online report forms are submitted to the Principal and the Dean of Students, or verbal reports can be made in person to the Principal, Dean of Students, or the School Counselor.