Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships are available through Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) and continue throughout your child's school career. Scholarships must be renewed annually and amounts awarded vary. JPII participates in three SGOs: C2 Opportunity, Rocket City Scholarships and Scholarships for Kids.

St. John Paul II Catholic High School proudly accepts the following scholarships, please visit their website for more information (click on any of the icons below):

Financial Aid is provided through JPII funding and must be applied for annually; unlike scholarships, these funds are not automatically renewed. Financial Aid is very limited and need-based.

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The first round for Financial Aid closed March 15.

The second round for Financial Aid closes Monday, May 2, 2023. ALL financial aid supporting documents MUST be submitted with the application for the application to be complete.

MAY 20, 2023 - Notification to parents of Financial Aid awarded for the 2022-2023 SY.

  • FACTS MGMT verifies the financial aid application (all applicant information provided is confidential and secure at FACTS MGMT)
  • A FACTS MGMT recommendation is sent to the school for consideration
  • A committee will review the FACTS recommendation
  • Individuals will be notified in writing of the JPII financial aid committee decision

(JPII funded financial aid must be requested annually. Funds available are limited and are needs-based.)

There is a fee charged through FACTS MGMT for the financial aid application.