Lunch Menus, Ordering & Important Notes

Monday - 5 Guys choices - $6.00

  • Hamburger
  • Cheeseburger

Tuesday - Chick fil A choice & home baked cookie - $4.50

  • 8 piece chicken nuggets
  • Chicken sandwich

Wednesday - Nothing But Noodles

  • Chicken Alfredo - $7.00
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs - $7.00
  • Macaroni & Cheese - $6.00

Thursday - Lawler's BBQ & home-baked cookie - $5.25

  • BBQ pork sandwich
  • BBQ turkey sandwich

Friday - Domino's pizza choices - $1.50/slice

  • Cheese pizza by the slice
  • Pepperoni pizza by the slice
  1. Log in to Family Portal
  2. On left side of page click “Student
  3. Click “lunch
  4.  top of page - Click “CREATE WEB ORDER” (on the right side you may choose to see the whole month of menus.)
  5. Menu will show – pick the day your student wants to order and enter how many of each item you want – for each day. BE CAREFUL NOT TO ENTER “10” when you want “01”
  6. Once you have selected all items, scroll to the very bottom of the page
  7. You may order by the week, month, or even semester.
  8. Click “order items”. If you have ordered correctly, you will see “Lunch orders created”.
  9. You will be invoiced through FACTS on Fridays – you will only be charged by the WEEK.

Note: If your student will be on retreat or a service day, please remember not to order a lunch that day. 

Aug. 31 - Freshman Retreat
Sept. 21 - Jr. and Sr. Service Day
Nov. 16 - Sophomore Retreat
Feb. 29 - Junior Retreat
April 4 - Fr. and Soph. Service Day
April 18 - Senior Retreat 

Lunch orders must be received by NOON the Friday BEFORE the week you are ordering for example if you are ordering for the week of August 14, order must be received by noon on August 11.


If school is closed on a Friday, orders must be in by noon on Thursday.


For holiday weeks, the orders must be in by the LAST day that students are in school.


If you have more than one student, you must create orders for each student separately.


If your student will be on retreat or service day, please remember not to order a lunch that day.


No lunches are served on days when school dismisses at noon.